Sunday, August 31, 2008

Just in Time

Summer is a short but sweet affair in northern Minnesota. All blue sky and even bluer water. And these last few weeks at the end of August are sweetest of all if only because the end is near. For those with a bittersweet take on life, this place is bread and butter.

Every bit of warmth accumulated over recent months has finally warmed the extraordinarily chilly Lake Superior just enough to allow mere mortals to enter into that sublime communion of body and water. Cold water, warm sun, sparkling waves.

The Ojibwe considered Lake Superior their ocean. It’s the largest fresh water lake in the world in area if not volume. The shore is littered with rocks large and small in slate gray, pink, orange, white. It’s a peculiarly north shore color pallete.

Today was such a day. Perfect. We vowed to return next week if the weather holds. We are in denial of course. Next week will probably be too late.

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